Strategies for Alleviating the Gang Crime Problem Essay

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The definition of a gang crime by the law enforcement officials takes two dimensions but they employ one of the definitions in order to measure and tackle this problem in the society. The first definition considers gang-related all crimes committed by individuals who belong to a particular gang without regard to the circumstances surrounding such crimes or the nature of the offense. This therefore is a member-based definition of gang crime. Another but more restrictive definition is that a gang crime is committed if and when such occurs as part of the function of a gang or for the benefit of the gang and therefore is strictly gang-motivated. Based on the evidence that gang-motivated crimes constitute more than half of gang
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Peer groups are unorganized and small groups of individuals who have a common background and share the same space. Their involvement in crime is not at any significant level and therefore its influence on the identity of the group is not important. Peer groups are the lowest level of gangs. The intermediate level is comprised of more organized groups of young people in the streets whose motive of participating in criminal activities is strongly attached to the identity of the group so that the groups assign themselves names. This level therefore is made up of gangs.
Finally, there are the organized criminal groups whose motive of committing crimes is for personal gains and this may likely be their main occupation. These organized criminal groups base their operations in the illegal market place(, n.d).Gang crime is an issue of concern which touches many aspects of a society. Not only is it a social problem but also a political as well as an economically related issue. The most affected are the young people who have increasingly joined gangs due to many factors personal, familial or social. This case study will discuss this topic in relation to the different findings on the trends, causes and the responses to alleviate gang crime.

Trends in gang crime
The problem of gang crime has seen an increasing trend in the United Kingdom but the
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