Strategies for Clean, Green and Solar Gandhinagar

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The integrated master plan 2031, suggests strategies for clean, green and solar Gandhinagar. The vision statement of the plan focuses on indorsing a vibrant Gandhinagar, which fundamentally possess green city qualities. Envisioning Gandhinagar to be: A leading green capital city in the world with a unique identity and vibrancy Having a strong and diverse economic raise Having environmentally sustainable infrastructure technologies An ideal place for living including learning, working, consuming and leisure in an inclusive manner Goals of Master Plan: Goal1: to achieve clean, green and solar agenda Environmental improvement strategies Economic development strategies Infrastructure development strategies Goal 2: to position its exclusive identity in Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar twin city context Goal 3: to shape GNA, genius loci of GUDA 4.3.2 Development Plan I. GUDA DP for 2011 Under the section-12 of GTPUDA-1976; DP of GUDA was prepared. The aim of DP was to facilitate transformation of GUDA in to a vibrant urban centre which provides a high quality of infrastructure and service delivery. The GTPUDA-1976, demands that GUDA DP shall specify the method for land use conversion and regulation. Following are considerations which were taken into account while conceptualising the structure of draft DP. OBJECTIVES Facilitating Growth & Economic Development To boost the spatial and economic growth in both GMC and GUDA the land market has been opened for TP schemes. GUDA villages will
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