Essay on Strategies for Effective Managerial Communication

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Strategies for Effective Managerial Communication Ensuring effective managerial communication is a daunting challenge. Each manager has to find their own “path” to capably communicate with their employees, employers, suppliers, business associates and clients. How is effective employee communication achieved? Effective employee communication is achieved by understanding yourself, the differences within your workforce and your company operating environment. It is based on successfully utilizing the communication process, avoiding interpersonal communication barriers and advocating audience active listening and feedback. It is important for managers to understand the communication process. Without understanding the process, how …show more content…
This happens to me frequently. In the “electronic age”, the sender may default automatically to e-mail correspondence. E-mail is appropriate only when message is short, quick and not likely to require additional communication. When the message is lengthy, a memorandum should be written and distributed. When the topic is complex perhaps a meeting or phone call should occur. For a project, where multiple functions have to interact smoothly, team meetings may be the most appropriate forum. Having face-to-face discussions between functions will ensure everyone understands and is on the correct, same “page”. For two-party communications, a phone call or physical meeting may be the most appropriate for topics that require discussion. For important verbal discussions, it may prudent to document verbal decisions later in written format. Both message and medium are controlled by the sender. Managers must ensure they are effectively deploying the message with the right information, through the right channels. But managers are not done then! Problems in communication can also develop when receivers receive the message. Misunderstandings can occur due to communication barriers.
There are many barriers to interpersonal communication., Interpersonal Communication, discusses a few barriers that can lead to ineffective communication. One barrier is expectations of familiarity, when the
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