Strategies for Globally Responsible Leadership

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Strategies for Globally Responsible Leadership In the midst of various accusations and counter accusations from people all around the world, blaming their leaders for the misfortune that befell them; children in the Horn of Africa with protruding bellies, their bodies telling a story of agony and hunger which is the doing of their leaders and few people from advanced and developed countries beaming with smiles, many thanks to their leaders. In the view of Grint (2010), there are leaders who, without a second thought lead their country to war but if required to put their own children in the war front, would they really oblige? Who then is a leader and what is leadership? A leader is a person who protects and gives direction to the people, co-ordinates their activities and checks their excesses. While a leader refers to a person, leadership is a process whereby a group of people are coordinated, influenced and managed in such a way that there is understanding between the leaders and the led. Moran (2011) defined leadership as an influence relationship that exists between leaders and follower with the intention of affecting changes this has mutual benefits to both. Another definition of leadership can be extended to mean someone who is a powerful engine driving the engine of an organization in the direction of success (Avery, 2005). If a leader must lead an organization successfully, that means that the leader must have some level of corporate responsibility. Corporate
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