Strategies for Implementing and Realizing Strategic Objectives

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Final Strategic Plan for We Do Your Proposal

The most effective strategic plans unify the diverse assets, capabilities, core competencies and unique strengths of an enterprise to a common long-term objective. For strategic plans to be effective in orchestrating these diverse elements of a business, they must also have a common system of measuring performance including corporate-wide analytics, combined with real-time process and system integration at the functional and program levels (Nelson, 1984). When this has been achieved strategic planning becomes an iterative process that takes into account the evolving strengths of an enterprise while capitalizing on the stability of its information technologies (IT), system and process strategies (Copacino, Rosenfield, 1985). For We Do Your Proposal, the strategic plan needs to be structured enough to ensure its success yet agile enough to stay aligned with the changing needs of customers. Inherent in any service business' strategic plan is the need to manage customer expectations with accuracy and precision, clearly defining the customer experience that needs to be delivered. For We Do Your Proposal to succeed, the quantifiable aspects of business performance along with the more fluid attributes of customer expectations needs to be taken into account.
Strategies for Implementing and Realizing Strategic Objectives
The strategic objectives of We Do Proposal's strategic plan are predicated on four areas of
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