Strategies for Teaching English Language Learners Essay

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English Language Learners (ELL) require appropriate education in the English language. Reading, writing, listening, pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar are important for an ELL student to learn. Educators should use individualized lesson plans that will cater to each student’s abilities and knowledge of the secondary language. An ELL classroom is formed with students who do not have the capability to speak or read English fluently. These students are unable to participate in a mainstream classroom without some type of help. The ELL classroom will give students more time to practice English.

Comprehensible Input
Comprehensible input is academic learning messages. An ELL student must participate if they want to learn the material.
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Specific feedback is necessary on areas that need to be mastered and areas needing improvement. Check the student understanding during the lesson and at the end of the lesson provide specific feedback to help the student succeed.

Grouping Structures and Techniques
Before implementing grouping in an ELL classroom, there are three things that need to be thought about “the teaching context, the teaching content and the individual learner” (Mustfa, 2002). After the decision to use grouping has been made an educator must figure out what outcome they want from their students. ELL educators should view grouping as a good technique. According to Mustfa (2002) educators
“can begin with the process of information gathering, by looking at their teaching context, reviewing their teaching content and by getting to know their learners individually. When all this information is taken into consideration, the teachers will be ready to make effective decisions with regard to the process of grouping for teaching and learning activities in ELL classrooms.”
Some researchers believe that grouping ELL students is an ineffective technique. The ELL students will be less likely to speak English if they are grouped together. These students will speak to each other in their native language and have no reason to speak to another in English.
There are many techniques that can be used in a group setting.

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