Strategies from Porter's Model Used by Southwest Airlines

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Strategies from Porter's Model that is used by Southwest Airlines. Executive Summary Southwest Airlines is dealing with image problems. To address these issues, the firm needs to embrace a new strategy that will provide stakeholders with the support they require. This means that the airline must be practicing social responsibility and focus on reducing the impact of their activities on communities. Once this takes place, is when the airline will be able to build off of this reputation well into the future. This is when these techniques will be emulated by others to have an impact on how they are interacting with various stakeholders. Introduction Over the last several years, Southwest has been facing a number of challenges associated with the economy and negative perceptions on select issues. This has created a situation where changes need to be introduced that will help the firm to be able to maintain its favorable image among stakeholders. This will be accomplished by focusing on: Porter's Four Generic Strategies, strategic choices, how it can leverage its strengths / address weaknesses, how the firm can address environmental opportunities / threats and providing suggestions for revising the mission statement. Together, these different elements will highlight the underlying challenges impacting the airline and how they can be addressed in the long term. (Gittel, 2005) Which of the four generic Porter strategies does Southwest Airlines follow, and how do you know?
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