Strategies of Adidas

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Strategies of ADIDAS
Global Brands is responsible for all the product and marketing functions and long-term development of the adidas and Reebok brands.
The primary objective of this portfolio strategy is to ensure that our brands seize market and category opportunities through well-defined and coordinated go-to-market strategies. Each brand is responsible for the execution of its strategic focus by creating a constant stream of innovative and inspiring products and generating communication strategies that represent each brand and category in an engaging and compelling way.
Driving the long-term development of adidas and Reebok
To secure long-term sustainable growth for the Group, Global Brands is focused on driving the development of
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There is a growing interest in outdoor activities, reflecting the desire to reconnect and be in tune with nature.

To match these trends and fulfil consumer demands, Global Brands teams adhere to the following principles:
– Create the unexpected in terms of product and brand experience
– Create the highest emotional connection between our brands and the consumer
– Be prepared for the next generation, anticipating change
– Simplify to the maximum
– Show excellence in execution, being consistent in whatever we do, from idea creation to communication at the point of sale, and in the digital world

Brand architecture and differentiation
We believe that our Group’s multi-brand structure gives us an important competitive advantage. Through our brand architecture, we seamlessly cover the consumer segments we have defined, catering to more consumer needs, while at the same time keeping clarity of brand message and values. In each case, the positioning of adidas and Reebok and their respective sub-brands is based on their unique DNAs – their history and their values.
As a true global brand with German roots, adidas is targeting competitive sports based on innovation and technology with adidas Sport Performance. This sub-brand is the multi-sport specialist. Our positioning in this respect clearly starts in producing the best products for use in specific sports such as

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