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Due to the advanced technology and creative mind of the marketers, the marketers need to face different challenges and issues in the twenty-first century. Now I want to have a brief introduction of different issues including Globalization, Consumerism, Price War, Green Marketing, Tailor-Made Products and Copied Product. After I will further elaborate the Green Marketing issue which illustrate the example of The Body Shop.


Many companies changed from local competition to globalized competition. They have developed truly global operations, making and selling their product worldwide. They are not only trying to sell more of their locally produced goods in international markets, they are also buying more components and
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The Body Shop has over 1,500 stores in 47 countries. It has successfully manufactured an image of being a caring company that is helping to protect the environment and indigenous peoples, and preventing the suffering of animals, whilst selling natural products. It is a leader in promoting greater corporate transparency. It has been a force for positive social and environmental change through our campaigns around five core values, Support Community Trade, Defend Human Rights, Against Animal Testing, Activate Self-Esteem and Protect Our Planet.

Anti-animal Testing

Every one of the products is animal cruelty free and vegetarian. The Body Shop was the first international cosmetics company to sign up to the Humane Cosmetics Standard, supported by leading international animal protection groups. The Against Animal Testing campaign leads to a UK wide ban on animal testing of cosmetic products and ingredients. It supports environmentally responsible materials and technologies by promoting the use of renewable resources and sustainable raw ingredients. In 2004, it was the first global retailer to join the Broad of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil in which is to avoid animal testing. It worked with NGOs and plantations to protect tropical rainforests. During 2005, The Body Shop is awarded for achieving higher standards of animal welfare in the cosmetic category at the first annual rewards of the Royal

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