Strategies to Empower Employees in Service Industries to Improve Profits

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1. Many companies in the service sector, large hotels and resorts for example, is implementing empowerment strategies to improve the quality of service provided to residents and guests. Search the internet for an example of such a company with particular emphasis on strategies used to empower front line staff. The basic source of providing competitive advantage and the customer satisfaction in the hotel enterprises is the employee. Empowerment applications play a significant role in increasing the employee’s productivity providing organizational efficiency. Interest in employee empowerment within the hospitality industry helps in gaining competitive advantage through improved service quality. Particularly, it has been determined…show more content…
In a Learning Organization, change is seen as an opportunity to learn through problem solving. Shifting Focus; many agencies are changing their focus from a role of ensuring compliance to one of serving customers. A Learning Organization can ensure that there is a strategic alignment between customer needs, organizational goals, individual learning, and resource allocations. Eroding Knowledge Bases; the recent attrition of employees; reductions-in-force, and expected retirements are eroding the organizational knowledge bases. A Learning Organization fosters information exchange and captures expertise from all levels of personnel. Limited Training Resources; employee training budgets are shrinking while staff members have less time to attend formal training sessions. A Learning Organization can make use of alternative strategies that integrate learning into the workplace. These alternative methods cost less and are effective. Evolving Roles of Supervisors; Supervisors are assuming increasing responsibility for traditional human resource functions. In a Learning Organization, managers serve as teachers and each individual is empowered to be responsible for his or her own learning. It has become almost imperative to become a learning organization to survive as well as to succeed in the world of business today. There are limitless examples of companies following this behavior successfully, and Virgin group of industries is a

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