Strategies to Empower Employees in Service Industries to Improve Profits

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1. Many companies in the service sector, large hotels and resorts for example, is implementing empowerment strategies to improve the quality of service provided to residents and guests. Search the internet for an example of such a company with particular emphasis on strategies used to empower front line staff.

The basic source of providing competitive advantage and the customer satisfaction in the hotel enterprises is the employee. Empowerment applications play a significant role in increasing the employee’s productivity providing organizational efficiency. Interest in employee empowerment within the hospitality industry helps in gaining competitive advantage through improved service quality. Particularly, it has been determined
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Started by Sir Richard Branson in 1970, the Virgin group of industries success is in part due to being a learning organization.

A learning organization emphasizes or prioritizes certain characteristics that typical organization does not. These can be divided in five broad categories. Personal mastery; Personal mastery is the commitment by an individual to the process of learning. There is a competitive advantage for an organization whose workforce can learn quicker than the workforce of other organizations. Mental models; these are terms given to ingrained assumptions held by individuals and organizations. Their role is to preserve certain behaviors, norms and values applicable to all employees. Systems thinking; it is a conceptual framework that allows people to study businesses. This method of thinking is employed when assessing a company and will have developed information systems that measure the performance of the organization as a whole and of its various components. Shared vision; it is important in incentivizing the workforce to learn as it creates a common identity that can provide focus and energy for learning. The most successful visions build on the individual visions of the employees at all levels of the organization. Team learning; it is the accumulation of individual learning. The benefit of sharing individual learning is that employees grow more quickly and the problem solving capacity of the organization is improved through
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