Strategies to Enhance Therapeutic Communication Between Healthcare Professionals and Children

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Strategies to Enhance Therapeutic Communication Between Healthcare Professionals and Children.

Clear and appropriate communication with children is important for the healthcare professional and patient alike. These skills in communication help build rapport, ease the child’s anxiety and put fear to bed. Mansson and Dykes (2004) stated that fear complicates a child’s life, in a clinical setting the healthcare professional can be the one to remove that fear through the use of effective therapeutic communication. What are the ways healthcare professionals can improve communication with a child? There are several strategies that can be used to establish and effectively deliver communication to children. The approaches discussed are aimed
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The communication approach with the child can be built from here.
Creating a non-threatening environment by having an open posture and speaking at eye level (Stock, Hill & Babl. 2012) is an effective way to approach a child. Being mindful of facial expressions and maintaining a welcoming impression is important to continue communication. Listening to the child (if they are able to return verbal communication) whilst observing their nonverbal cues will give the healthcare worker the best understanding of how the child is feeling.
Body language rounds out the use of language overall to enhance the communication with young children. Children will also benefit from some more creative methods of communication and participation or hands on approach like play and visual aids can be successful in assisting interactions as well as delivering information.

Children love to play; they learn as well as communicate through the use of play. Adopting a participation approach or using aids to make communication interactive can assist in delivering information to a child patient.
Having the child actively participate in the communication starts with the healthcare professional as they have the power to
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