Strategy Analysis : Corporate Strategy

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In organizations, clubs, households, and private lives success plans are in place known as strategy. A Harvard School of Business expert and professor on strategy, highlights the necessity of strategy to define and communicate the distinctive situation, and it should govern how organizational means, skills, and proficiencies ought to be combined to produce competitive benefit (Mindtools). According to the writing “Exploring Corporate Strategy,” strategy determines the direction and scope of an organization over a period of time, and they that it ought to determine the way resources may be configured to meet the markets and stakeholders needs (Mindtools). There are two types of strategies presented in this paper. Strategy one is the business-level strategy involving successfully competing in individual markets and addresses how a corporation wins in a particular market. Strategy two is the corporate-level strategy referring to the overall strategy of a corporation composed of various business entities functioning in multiple markets. Today, there is a growth challenge in the theme park industry in the market today. The growth of theme parks diminishes if the resources are not diversified. The Walt Disney Corporation “Disney” is a household name and global entertainment company to people worldwide. This paper presents Walt Disney’s business-level strategies, corporate-level strategies, competitive environment, and determine if Walt Disney’s competitive environment
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