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Running head: Strategy Case Study - IKEA Strategy Case Study – IKEA Lu, Jung-Fong Abstract The vision of IKEA (Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd) is a little ahead from the typical style of earning profits merely. They have come up with the idea of making partnerships with their customers and ensuring them high quality of products at very affordable prices. This has been, practically, quite successful and led new ways to the modern business world. However, this can only be successful if the business organization maintains and upholds its values and behaviors. A strategic leader has to be critical in his thinking. He should have the ability to see and plan the things for his followers what they cannot envisage. The success of IKEA…show more content…
Even if competitors are agreed to sell at low prices but it is not necessarily possible that customers trust the competitors, when they are already satisfied with the quality and products and rates of a firm that is already prevailing in the market. News about IKEA About the fundamental idea of business of IKEA is the philosophy of making customers their partner. They come up with the statement, “You do your part. We do our part. Together we save money.” (IKEA, 2012) This concept is one of its own kinds that make IKEA, its vision and mission different from regular businesses. The latest new strategy will see IKEA Group become energy independent and help millions of people live an affordable, sustainable life at home. (IKEA, 2012) IKEA extend their business idea for “better life” to “better and sustainable life”. IKEA build up the strategy which ambitious for long-term business growth, and positive effect on people and Planet. “We believe that sustainability should not be a luxury good - it should be affordable for everyone.” said Steve Howard, Chief Sustainability Officer, IKEA Group. IKEA believe that their new strategy can offer people better life with affordable price, moreover, deliver the idea of sustainability to consumers. A Strategic Leader - Anders Dahlvig A strategic leader has to be critical in his thinking. (Stephanie, 2008) He should have the

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