Strategy Consulting : A Career Focused With Maximizing Profits For Business

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Strategy Consultant Strategy Consulting is a career primarily focused with maximizing profits for business. Opportunities in this career field can be found within the structure of existing business or through third party advisors. Examples include: Wells Fargo, IBM, and Liberty Mutual. Strategy consultants tackle a wide array of management issues and questions, all in the name of increasing efficiency. Historically this job has not involved the level of business analytics that it utilizes today, but thanks to the developments in technology, it has become a cornerstone in the profession. The ability of modern computing systems to absorb and account for the variables present in a human oriented working space has enabled vast improvements in efficiency. This is where the skillset of business analytics has come into play. Being able to evaluate and understand the information being provided from those systems is necessary to make proper advising decisions. The entry into the career can be found in a variety of ways, but as is custom in most business occupations, internships are the main avenue. Most of the listings that I saw while exploring this career were related to internship offerings to graduate students. I believe part of this is due to the youthfulness of business analytics in particular to the field of strategy consulting. If I was to pursue this career following school, an internship would be the most assured route. I would also anticipate, as with many careers, my

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