Strategy Development At The Lego Group

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REGENTS UNIVERISTY LONDON GLOBAL STRATEGY CW1 Case Study (LEGO) Hissam Malik S00805291 LEGO GROUP Q1) Using appropriate concepts, models and frameworks, identify, assess and analyze the features of the external environment that have influenced strategy development at the LEGO Group. ANS: In 1932 Ole Kirk Christiansen founded LEGO in a village called Billund. Throughout the years a single family has run it. They initially became famous for making wooden toys and then went on to making the bricks and they further expanded their product line by making Lego video games and selling Lego merchandise. The name LEGO means ‘play well’ in Danish. LEGO is mostly known for the Lego brick, which has been their most important product , it was launched in 1958 and it has been named as the toy of the century. (Lego) They initially started with 10 employees and now they have more than 10,000 employees worldwide Lego has been a really successful company worldwide, and in this case study it has been shown that how they went through their growth stages and what strategies they implemented. LEGO group has been affected and influenced externally throughout due to a large number of factors. There are a few models and frameworks that can help us analyze the external environment and what exactly did Lego do according to the case. The first model is the Porters 5 forces model (Harper, 2013) Porters 5 forces includes: • Threat of substitutes • Bargaining

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