Strategy Evaluation Of An Enterprise

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Strategy can neither be created nor modified to changing circumstances without a technique of strategy evaluation. Strategy evaluation plays a vital role in the process of managing an enterprise. Strategy evaluation is an effort to look at fundamental attributes and trends that regulates success in the chosen field of endeavour instead of factors which affect short term health of business. In strategy evaluation performance is compared with desired outcomes and feedback is given to management to assess and take corrective action.(evaluation and control byedward nii amar).
The challenge of evaluation
Business strategy evaluation are reply to three fundamental questions given below:
1. Suitability of objectives of the business?
2. Are
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Inconsistency in strategy is not only due to flaw in reasoning or logic. The primary function of strategy is to provide coordination in the organizational action. A strategy should be very clear nad explicit for the reason that it can stimulate a climate of tacit coordination that is more productive than most managerial mechanisms.
Managerial disorder can result into Organizational conflict and interdepartmental disagreement although it may also demonstrate problems of strategic inconsistency. The author found some attributes which can help to resolve these two different problems have been discussed below:

If change in workforce can’t resolve problems in coordination and planning then it seems not be an issue of people based but of inconsistency in strategy
If progress of one division or department is interpreted failure for another wing then fundamental objective structure is not consistent if, despite attempts to delegate authority, operating problems continue to be brought to the top for the resolution of policy issues, the basic strategy is probably inconsistent.
Final type of inconsistency is in between
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