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In total there are three influencers of the business operation in Lafarge tarmac which are culture, system, structure. The strategy is being implemented in order to achieve the desired objectives. The table below is used to describe the impact of the strategy on the business operation. STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION BUSINESS OPERATION CULTURE The culture of the organisation has more impact on the strategies of Lafarge tarmac. By implementing the strategy the goal of the company will combine and aim at one common objective. STRUCTURE There are three factors that can be affected by this strategic implementation which are, communication, decision making, and coordination among the different teams in the company. The employees behaviour is expected…show more content…
types of resources required Access to/availability of resources Constraints/ obstacles that may affect the implementation FINANCE Availability of finance has never been the issue or problem for Lafarge tarmac, since the company is form under the venture of two big companies, further the assets of the organisation are double the value of its liabilities. During the days recession the finance do become a problem for the organisation, for instance if one organisation incurs losses the other company will not contribute their whole share to the company with only half in profits. HUMAN RESOURCES Human resources are provided in Lafarge Tarmac for different reasons, like through educational institutes or from other jobs offers to more experience people. The lack of interest in the new generation for the construction sector. PHYSICAL RESOURCES Infrastructure of the organisation is a highly available assets for Lafarge tarmac, further more the raw material for the products of the company is available to them easily. Different changes in technologies creates confusion as what need to be chosen for the company. Further more different quality of new material is also a constraints since sometime the desired quality of the limestone or other raw material is unavailable with the

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