Strategy Formation and Planning of Nokia

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Table content I. Introduction II. Context of Nokia business strategy and the significance of stakeholder 1. Vision 2. Mission 3. Objectives 4. Stakeholders a. Internal (Employees) b. Connected (Customers and suppliers) c. External (Government) III. External environment and organizational audit 1. PESTEL (located in Finland) 2. Five force 3. Organizational audit IV. SWOT analysis of company and strategic positioning techniques to the analysis of Nokia 1. Value chain 2. SWOT · Strength · Weakness · Opportunities · Threat 3. Strategic positioning 4. Market penetration V. External environment in Vietnam 1. SWOT 2. Pestel 3. Five forces VI. Reference Introduction Nokia is one of the largest companies which…show more content…
Nokia also continues to expect industry mobile device volumes in the third quarter 2008 to be up sequentially (yahoo finance, 2008). Services and software reflects Nokia’s strategies emphasis on developing and growing Nokia’s offering of consumer Internet services and enterprise solutions and software. Nokia’s service and software target 2008 will focus on music entertainment service, game as N-gage, and Nokia maps. Music Entertainment -- now committed to this service concept. The Nokia Music Store opened in Australia, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Singapore and Sweden, bringing to 10 the total number of stores opened by the end of the second quarter. The N-Gage mobile games service became commercially available. The service allows consumers to try all N-Gage games for free from any one of the tens of millions of compatible Nokia devices in the market. Nokia Maps 2.0 - our next generation location based service - was released and downloaded over 406 000 times during the quarter (Nokia, 2008). Besides improving N-gage and 3G, Nokia continues to create the new products and develop to support customers. Market is responsible for management of our supply chains, sale channels, and brand and marketing activities. Nokia always focus on customer’s need to expand market, so that they give their promise which is to help
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