Strategy & Human Resources

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INTEGRATING STRATEGY AND HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT The role of human resource management is one of strategic partner, administrative expert, and consultant (managing all of the organization 's people related processes strategically). It is the job of hr management in to recognize that decreased turnover, higher employee morale, and involved employees in the decision making process are all optimal in providing key leverage in an organization 's strategic plan. Management integrate strategic hr management with the organization 's strategy formulation. This means that management has searched the organization and its environment for opportunities and initiated projects and decisions to bring about changes that are both advantageous…show more content…
As a result the ability to access and share information creates a growing need for less hierarchy and more employee empowerment. A common theme running through all these environmental factors is a cost control orientation, which means that organizations (as it relates to remaining profitable and competitive) have a concentrated focus on containing costs. This can most often be done through planning and planning can be done through (first) environmental scanning. Another environmental factor is reengineering, which is also called process innovation, core process redesign, or business process reengineering. Reengineering is directed at achieving large cost savings by eliminating unneeded activities and consolidating work. This was done in the Navy, as they eliminated several middle management jobs/positions, and replaced those jobs with better-qualified civilians on a local wage policy. The type of service desired by customers is also a major environmental factor (as demonstrated in the Peoples ' Bank example). In the Peoples ' Bank example, the environment changed from a product orientation, to a market orientation where the market (or what people wanted, demanded, and were buying and using) demands where determined first and then the products were "developed to serve the market". There are several managerial trends. One well-known managerial trend is Total Quality Management, also known as TQM. In a strategic context, TQM is
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