Strategy Implementation Process Paper

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In everything that we do, we have used some kind of strategy (plan). From driving to the store, which street to take to get there the fastest, to selecting that perfect item at the high tech store, the newest digital gadget. It is in our nature to formulate this kind of behavior when we are given a choice. In an organization it is much harder to accomplish that same behavior because there is more than one individual in the process, but still possible to do. Strategy is a guide by which an organization moves from a current state of affairs to a future desired state. In this paper I will explain the strategy implementation concept of the basic model of strategic management that we can use to make this happen. Strategy implementation is the process…show more content…
These are the sequence of steps needed to do the job. Once the budget is in place, we have to develop procedures. Procedures are also known as Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). These are the sequential steps required; it describes how a particular task or job is to be done. While activities are the details that must be carried out in order to complete the program in its entirety. Along with the organizational routines these two parts are vital for the plan to function throughout. Organizational routines are the primary means in which a company accomplishes much of what they do. Organizational routines must be updated to reflect new strategy and changes in…show more content…
Programs and Tactics stage, where we put all of the strategies in place and put them into actions. Budget stage, this is the gathering of all of our resources needed to accomplish all of the steps in the program stage. Procedures stage, the final of the three and just as important as the other two, by this stage steps and resources are in place and all that is left is the sequence of steps needed to do the job. Finally, I explained the strategy implementation process as I used it to work for me in the Distance Learning Center. The overall experience that I went through was worth every second I had to work extra to have it all in place. But I know that this process will make the Distance Learning Center more efficient for all that follow and in the hopes that they too will make the necessary improvements to keep the entire process working
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