Strategy Implementation of General Motors

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Strategy Implementation Module 5 SLP [Pick the date] Student Name GM was founded in 1908, more than 104 years ago. Since then up till 2005, GM has been a trademark of success. With the largest dealer network across the globe, and distributed production structure, it has access to practically every region of the world. All these are the attributes of the company which can be called us a world leader. However, the amazing fact here is GM filed for bankruptcy in 2009 and was later on acquired by US government because they say "where GM goes, so goes the nation". The answer is simple; it didn't utilize the opportunities in hand, fall in trap of its own weaknesses, didn't bank on its strengths and didn't properly address the threats that it was facing. Now the question arises why it stopped making profit after 100 years? GM has been known for giving highly lucrative car loans and lease polices. When the market started collapsing, GM also had to face the domino effect. It lost billions in this regard. Only in 2005, it filed a loss of USD 6 billion (Daily Finance, May 2009). GM also failed to make the most of huge production capacity. Unlike its rivals, its cars lacked innovation and panache and were poorly built, thus it didn't cater to the market properly, sustaining heavy fixed costs and huge losses. Over past six decades, many rivals have appeared in global market but GM never seem to come up with a sound strategy to combat this competition. All it needed to do

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