Strategy Management Wal Mart and K Mart

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Strategic Management Assignment 8 1. Do Wal Mart and K Mart exploit any merger and acquisition in recent 5-10 years? Merger &Acquisition | Wal Mart | K Mart | Acquisition | -Bempreco: This company has been acquiesced by Wal mart. Bempreco is a retail chain in northeastern Brazil with 118 units (hypermarkets, supermarkets and mini markets). The acquisition gives Wal-Mart Brazil its first stores in the Northeast market. -Seiyu GK: is a Japanese group of supermarkets, shopping centers, and department stores owned byWal-Mart Stores. In 2005 Wal-Mart acquired a majority stake in the company which it has since increased to 95% ownership, and 100% ownership in 2008.-OneRiot: US-Wal-Mart Stores Inc acquired OneRiot, a Boulder- based…show more content…
Often, such acquisitions are also motivated by the "empire-building desire" of the parent company 's managers. 3. What is the average performance of return for those M&A? Wal-Mart | K-Mart | -With the acquisition, Wal-Mart Brazil will operate 143 units in the country, including 13 Wal-Mart Supercenters, 10 SAM 'S CLUBS, two Wal-Mart Todo Dias and the 118 Bompreco hypermarkets, supermarkets and mini markets. The acquisition gives Wal-Mart Brazil its first stores in the Northeast market.-The acquisiton give Wal-Mart and Massmart it’s first store in South of Africa, Botswana, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, Lesotho. | -Those most optimistic look to opportunities to cut redundant administrative expenses, increase buying power and crosssell branded merchandise between Kmart and Sears.-This acquisition is proper management and planning, the acquisition will be beneficial to employees from both companies and to consumers in general. | Comment : Normally if the company doing acquisition and merger, they will get more profit and advantages. In above we could know that now on Wal-Mart becoming Leader in retailing industry. Wal-Mart has dominant market share in South africa and some africa contries. Compare between Wal-Mart and K Mart, Wal-Mart has better perfomance than K
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