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Strategy Map – DEPARTMENT – Funds Department

The following illustration depicts the strategy map of the DEPARTMENT – Funds (R&S) Department. The business unit, reports under the Financial and Distribution Services Division of DEPARTMENT.

The key responsibilities of the Funds Department is to facilitate the collection of sales amounts due from Travel Agents, and settling of the funds due to Airlines, this process is done through the Hinge Bank Account while ensuring the funds of the Airlines are safeguarded against any risk.

The business unit is comprised of a Central Team in XXXX, managing the coordination and development of the process, combined with a Regional Team responsible for execution of the daily operations.

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o Business Analytics Module: Develop a structured business analytics module, through well-defined and communicated business rules. This will assist in delivering a solution providing systematic reporting of information to customers and internal end users.

Customer Perspective

➢ As a Non-Profit Organization, the objectives of the organization are driven by our member’s needs, therefore the Key Objectives for the Funds Team are the following deliverables :

o Ensure on Time & Accurate Settlement: Airlines Settlements are processed on time and efficiently as per the Reporting Calendar, allowing airlines the ability to manage their cash flow effectively.

o Support Risk Management: Protect the Airlines Funds, and ensure we set the necessary procedures to safeguard from any potential risks.

o Develop solutions to meet market needs: Support the industry by developing new and innovate solutions based on market needs.

Financial Perspective

➢ As a secondary objective , in supporting the organization improve its financial health, the activities which the Funds can help deliver are the
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