Strategy Of The Broad Differentiator

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Strategy The team’s unique reasoning behind the choice of strategy that we executed throughout the simulation played a significant role and set the tone toward the effort and attitude that each team member maintained during the process. The strategy of the broad differentiator was the teams choice, because we thought that it would be the most difficult to accomplish, would take the most time, and provide us all with a well rounded learning experience because we would be able to learn how to be successful in both the low and high tech segment with our products instead of just one of the segments. With our previous knowledge about running a business we all were in agreement that if we could sacrifice and work harder to participate in both segments it would lead to some great competitive advantages. As mentioned by Lui, (2013), “the only competitive global business strategies would be based on differentiation by unique specialization in terms of quality, product, service technology, or cost leadership” (p.2824). The great execution of the strategy by our team enabled us to find success and gain different competitive advantages with each of our sensors, in turn accomplishing our goal of meeting the needs and expectations of both the low and high tech segment. At Chester, our highly skilled employees, combined with unparalleled technology, provide us the ability to create and develop industry innovating products with unique design, putting our product at the forefront of
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