Strategy Planning

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Strategic Planning Assignment The back ground is retail industry Debenhams plc Task 1 The globalization has huge impact on the attitude and behaviour of the customers, clients and consumers as they want more quality high brand, goods and services at compatible prices. Firms compete for customers, and management formulate strategic plans to enhance the quality, brand strength and brand image of goods and services to achieve organizational goals and objectives and to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Organizations want to have innovative creative, challenging, and strategic work force which formulate strategic plans establish goals and objectives obtain, allocate, distribute and utilize scarce resources in the best possible…show more content…
Debenhams has improved its system and management approach in doing external and internal environmental analysis during 2009- 2012. Now Debenhams is highly focused towards external environment, competitors’ analysis, market analysis; they do internal and external analysis, form effective strategies, and alternative contingency plans, improve quality of goods and services, brand strength and achieved competitive advantage creating value all the stakeholders. Debenhams , s management is now highly focused on external environment, competitors analysis, market analysis, and management has close relations with customers, clients, suppliers, creditors, community, and they have improved the quality of goods and services, improved their sales, and market position of Debenhams has improved during the years 2009- 2012. 1.2 Needs and Expectations of Stakeholders of the Organization The changes in the external environment affect the strategic planning, strategic targets of an organization, management abilities, expectations of stakeholders (Vrontis, 2008). Management has to make changes in strategy according to the changes in external environment, raw material prices gets higher, change in micro-economic environment, market structure, demand, competition, and change in macroeconomic environment like inflation, unemployment, changes in interest rate, new taxes, news rules and regulations , competitors strategies drive the management to form alternative
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