Strategy, Process, Product, and Services

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Strategy, Process, Product, and Services Learning Team B has chosen to use the organization of Coca-Cola to evaluate the impact innovation and creativity can have. With this being such a large company, their marketing team has a vast array of possibilities to look into. Team B has chosen one of Coca-Cola’s current projects which is the company’s strategy of diving into the health conscious consumer. Along with this current marketing plan, another possible consideration of this organization that we believe Coca-Cola will want to look further into is the growing demand for coffee based products.
Evaluation of Organizational Strategy and Processes
Coca-Cola possessing the finances to do so looked in a few directions first, before
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7). Pursuing this niche market will also increase Coca-Cola’s image with consumers who question the health value of other Coca-Cola products. Expanding into niche markets is a wise decision for Coca-Cola because they already possess majority market shares in the soft drink market. Taking risks in new markets will have less of a negative impact if the company’s choices do not work out. Tarnishing their image in the soft drink market will have a more negative consequence. “Unique formulas for beauty, taking elements such as collagen, aloe, and vitamin E – already familiar to consumers of skin care products – are appearing with greater frequency in waters, juices, and teas in an attempt to reach the female consumer” (Haffner, para. 10). Coca-Cola has the resources and capital to make a positive impact in the growing female niche market and if marketing is done correctly, this new venture can have a positive impact on their general image as well. Coca-Cola: Coffee Products
Coca-Cola is a globally recognized beverage company. Most of its products are well-known, but some of its newer beverages consumers do not associate with the brand. Coke’s product offerings include water, soft drinks, and energy drinks. However, when the average consumer thinks of Coca-Cola products, coffee-based beverages do not come to mind. The main reason for this is Coca-Cola’s lack of offering a
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