Strategy as Revolution Essay

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Summary of Strategy as a Revolution
By: Hamel Gary
Harvard Business Review, Jul/ Aug96, Vol.74, Issue 4

1. What are the main issues addressed in the article?
Hamel's central thesis is that strategy development must be seen as a revolutionary action within an organization and goes onto list 10 attributes of such an action. His premise is that revolution is what is required in an age when incremental change is not enough to secure a position in the market place. Radical views are what are needed in order to find and establish new marketplaces. He uses examples such as The Body Shop, Ikea, and Dell.
The attributes for strategy can be summarized as imagination, subversion and power to the people. Essentially these summarized the
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They must see what argument is needed and develop their ability to press it. Facilitation means that they will be able to guide and manage groups as their plan is worked out and put into operation. Corporate surveillance means they understand the power structure of the company, the depth and limitations of management, and the management perception of problems such as what it worries about, what keeps it awake at night, and what it would change once the advantages of change are explained to them.
3. How is the article relevant to the course and to the subject of strategic management?
Recent developments in existing industries along with trends in nascent disciplines such as nanotechnology, genetics, and biomechanics indicate that organizations must develop a high "capacity for change and rapid learning" in order to create a sustainable competitive advantage.In a global marketplace, organizations must evolve with the changing conditions and develop strategies that capitalize on emerging opportunities to establish or maintain leadership positions. By examining the successes and failures of industry giants, forward-thinking executives are likely to recognize the importance of unleashing the power of innovation and imagination to develop a high degree of adaptability. With corporate agility emerging as a prerequisite for success, this article attempts to provide a strategic framework that allows
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