Strategy for Medium-Size Manufacturing Company to Improve Overall Performance

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There are many researches showing that total quality management is the predominant factor to remain business organizations’ sustainable competitiveness and generate the best result (e.g., Easton & Jarrell, 1998; Hendricks & Singhal, 1997; Lemak et al., 1997; Samson & Terziovski, 1999; Shetty, 1993). What is quality? How could a good total quality management dedicate to organization? Are they the same in any organizations? Understanding the importance of quality, many organizations have appointed a Quality Manager to manage quality operation as a whole. In order to study the contributions of TQM, take a medium-size manufacturing as an example, what should a quality manager do to improve the overall performance? In this
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They have to define their responsibilities dealing with quality policy regarding organization competences, customer requirements, education and training throughout the organization. Emphasising the importance of commitment, Lennart Sandholm said ‘there is no chance for organization to achieve their goals without a clear and explicit commitment of top management’. Oakland also makes a convincing point on top management: ‘total quality is the key to effective leadership through commitment to constant improvement, a right first time philosophy’ Oalklan, text and cases P42). ‘The most senior directors and management must all demonstrate that they are serious about quality.’ Having the same idea with Lennart Sandholm, I think a good management commitment should also include defining the organizations’ vision. All of the employees need to know what they have to accomplish in the future, what the organization is heading for. The good vision can be seen as guiding philosophy for the employees, so that they can have a common view and then attitude about their work. Both the vision and the quality policy are to be communicated by management to everyone in the organization to make sure that everyone aware of the meaning of this for his or her own work.
3.2 Cultural change
The culture within an organization is a key point defining employees’ attitude and behaviours. How should the business be conducted? How will the employees be treated? How will they

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