Stratford Pants Research Paper

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Palazzo pants, a trend popularized in the early 60’s has revived into the modern day street style fashion. It is a piece of loose, flowing trousersmade from light fabric which flares out from the waist till the bottom. Palazzo pants are one of the very few trendsetters which delivers that chic look and provides a great deal of comfort as well. Palazzos are the best getaway outfits during summer. They are becoming increasingly popular and trendy because of its ease to wear, that incredible comfort and the effortless stylish look it exhibits. Palazzos are usually seen in bold prints and patterns and relatively bright colours which highlights the overall appearance. These prints usually vary from floral to tribal and sometimes animal for a more daring look.…show more content…
Plain Palazzos have more of a formal frame so it can be paired with a slim-fitting shirt to give that elegent yet professional look. A classic piece of palazzos should lightly graze the floor when paired with heels to provide that elongated, sleek look to your figure. Palazzo pants flatters almost all body types. If paired with the right top, accessories and pair of platforms, they can accentuate any part of the body. Since Palazzos usually come in free sizes, it’s convenient to grab a pair online. Here at at Violet Street, India's largest online botique market place, we have the most classy, extravagant collection of Palazzo pants. If your wardrobe needs a couple of additions, we are here to offer what you need from an exclusive collection of Palazzos with different prints and colours to choose
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