Stratification And Inequality Essay

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Qiong (Miranda) Wu

I am a quantitative sociologist broadly interested in three areas: 1) stratification and inequality; 2) immigration and globalization, 3) work and labor markets. Specifically, I focus on examining how class structure and migration patterns contribute to social inequalities and labor market outcomes. Also, I work on the themes of immigration, work and occupations in the United States. I am particularly interested in examining these processes in the urban context.

Stratification and Inequality Growing up in China during the economic transformation toward capitalism, my personal experience inspired me to understand the structures, dynamics, and mechanisms that underlie inequalities
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While working on this paper, I saw the possibility to expand this line of research into a dissertation. Thus, my dissertation explores how the hukou stratification system and class structure help explain, in addition to earnings, the quality of workers’ housing and bad jobs in transitional China.

In my dissertation, I analyze data from five waves of the Chinese General Social Survey (CGSS)—a nationally representative survey of Chinese adult population—from 2008 and 2013. To incorporate different dimensions in the transformed hukou system, I propose a typology of hukou stratification that incorporates workers’ current place of residence, current hukou status, hukou conversion status, and migration status. Derived from Wright’s capitalist class scheme, I construct a 14-category class structure combining both the class structures of capitalism and two Chinese socialist remnant classes—cadres and peasants. I utilize two sets of dummy variables to measure hukou and class, and then use sheaf coefficients to estimate their cumulative effects relative to other determinants of workers’ earnings, housing outcomes and job quality. My preliminary findings indicate that the hukou system and class structure are strong determinants of workers’ earnings, home
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