Stravinsky And Bartok 's Influence On The Modern Period

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Stravinsky and Bartok’s Influence in the Modern Period Moving out of the Classical (1750-1820) and Romantic (1820-1890) period came to be the Modern period, which took place from 1890 – 1950. This period allowed for upcoming artists in this era to collaborate different styles from the Classical and Romantic period, as seen in the patterns of the composers’ pieces. The Modern Period has many influential artists that have been respected through history. Taking a close analysis at Igor Stravinsky, 1882 – 1971 (Yudkin, 202), and Bela Bartok, 1881 - 1945 (Yudkin, 215), by assessing their life and music gives a deeper meaning of what it meant to live through the Modern time frame. During the life of both of these composers the world went…show more content…
At the age of nine, Stravinsky started practicing Piano (Siohan, 13). Igor began being introduced to the music scene around the age nine; he was finally allowed to attend his parents music parties (Siohan 13). When his father starred in Glinka’s Ruslan and Ludmila, young Igor visits the set behind stage (Siohan, 14). Igor is in awe of Glinka’s light transparent orchestration which is vivid through the texture of his sound (Siohan 14). Stravinsky went through studying law, not letting it get in the way of his main focus music; he graduated in 1905 then married his cousin Catherine Nossenko (Siohan, 20). Igor, “enjoyed wrestling with mysterious of counterpoint” (Siohoan 15), which explains why he created such a bond with his teacher Rimsky-Korsakov. He later established many other compositions with and without Rimsky-korsakov such as The Rite of Spring and Symphony B flat minor (opus I), 1907 (Siohan, 20). Bela Bartok was born in 1881, in Hungary (Yudkin, 215). Bartok growing up in the same time period as Stravinsky took a very similar approach to his compositions. “His work grew out of the nationalist movement of the second half of the 19th century” (Yudkin 215), this is visible in Bartok’s work. His work is mixed with a flow of contemporary styles. Bela Bartok had three careers, the first two support the third heavily and give the shapely manor to his

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