Strawberry Festival

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Food Practice Essay The most popular fruit in the berry world are strawberries. Strawberries are one of the most popular fruits in the world; they are popular between April and July. Strawberries not only add flavoring to foods but they are also healthy and very tasteful. There are more than 600 types of strawberries that vary in shape, size, texture, flavor and coloring. Strawberries are very elegant fruits; many use strawberries by dipping them in chocolate, smoothies, strawberry shortcakes and more. However, an event that I have attended where people have come together to share an interest in something that they all enjoy is the strawberry festival. The strawberry festival is held once a year in Troy, Ohio at their local…show more content…
The festival puts together a number of athletic completion events the people could participate in during the weekend festivities. There is a big wheel race and a bed race that is held The Friday of the festival. On the Saturday of the festival starting early in the morning there is a softball tournament, volleyball, tennis shootout, pie eating contest, a children’s treasure hunt, and strawberry kid’s crawl. On Sunday a 10k run is held, a shortcake run his held, and another softball tournament is held. The shortcake run is a 2,000-meter run to troy high school. There is also a diaper derby, a Kid’Atholon, kiddie tractor pull, a talent show, a back seat driving contest, and a duck race. The strawberry festival also has a bulk of carnival rides the people can enjoy as they walk around the fairgrounds. The various amusement rides that the strawberry festival offers are the merry go round, swings, and the strawberry patch ride. The strawberry patch ride it is sort of like the spider at Kings Island. This ride was pretty much the main attraction at the strawberry fest so many children wait in line in order to ride the ride. It also was a main attraction because it fit in really well with the theme of the festival, strawberries. The festival also offered swimming, for those who want to get a little wet. There is a water park right next door to the fairground that contributes their facility to this event to help raise
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