Strayer Bus 508 Assignment 4 (Diversification)

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An Analysis of the PlayStation Network Joe Student Date Business 508 Professor An Analysis of the PlayStation Network Sony Corporation is a well diversified company providing many complementary products and services. Not only does Sony offer electronics through its own website, it has a series of online products and services it offers to its users. The PlayStation Network, a part of the Sony Entertainment Network, is one of these many services. Through the PlayStation Network, owners of Sony PlayStation products can play games online with each other. Users can also purchase games and additional items through the PlayStation Network. Credit card information is stored in the network to be used for future purchases. Storing…show more content…
Illegal Intrusion Sony has multiple networks, but the PlayStation Network has over 77 million users. In April 2011, Sony characterized a security breach as an “illegal and unauthorized intrusion” of the Sony networks. In fact, there was a series of breaches by different groups of hackers. The information provided by registered users, including usernames, passwords, names, and addresses, was compromised. In addition, the credit card information of users who make online purchases may have been compromised. Sony did not announce this information until a week after the last breech. The network was shut down after the last of the breaches. A week after the last security breach, Sony announced to its PlayStation Network users that certain information may have been compromised. Many users were very upset because their personal and financial information had been compromised for over a week and they were unaware. There was a significant delay between when the card information was compromised and when Sony notified its users. Many users who did not give credit card information to Sony were still upset because they use the same login and password for multiple sites, and now their information on other sites may have been accessed without their knowledge. After the breaches, Sony did not just patch the holes in its network security, it had to rebuild from the ground up, further upsetting users by causing the network to be
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