Strayer University: Week 3 Business Quiz 2 Chapter 3 Questions

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BUS 365 WK 3 Quiz 2 Chapter 3

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Multiple Choice

1. __________ consists of powerful software tools to discover and extract knowledge from text documents.

a) Document mining

b) Master data management

c) Knowledge mining

d) Text mining

2. What is the goal of data management?

a) To store data and documents in multiple locations to insure that they are accessible to everyone on demand.

b) To capture financial data in real-time from transactions and Web sites.

c) To provide the infrastructure and tools to transform raw data into usable corporate information of the highest quality.

d) To link databases of supply chain partners so all data can
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a) zip code

b) customer last name

c) product type

d) product ID

18. Records can be arranged in several ways on a storage medium. The arrangement of records determines:

a) how individual records can be accessed.

b) how long it takes to access records.

c) how individual records can be accessed and how long it takes to access them.

d) the storage media used for storage.

19. In __________ file organization, which is the way files are organized on tape, data records must be retrieved in the same physical sequence in which they are stored.

a) direct

b) random

c) sequential

d) primary

20. Magnetic tape uses __________ file organization, whereas magnetic disks and DVDs use __________ file organization.

a) sequential; direct

b) primary; secondary

c) random; direct

d) random; sequential

21. __________ programs can provide access to all organizational data and overcome many of the problems associated with data file environments.

a) Sequential data

b) Database management

c) Business record


22. Disadvantages of centralized databases are all of the following except:

a) they are vulnerable to a single point of failure.

b) when users are widely dispersed and need data manipulations, they can experience transmission delays.

c) when the centralized database computer fails to function properly, all users are affected.

d) much more expensive to set up and maintain than a distributed database.

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