`` Strays `` By Mark Richard

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The word stray can be interrupted in many ways; however, commonly we define it as moving aimlessly away from a group. In the story “Strays” by Mark Richard, readers explore the symbolism of being a stray throughout many different aspects of the plot such as the setting and the characters. In the story, we read about two brothers that are left by their parents in the care of their alcoholic, gambling-addicted Uncle Trash. To say they are lacking in resources and authority figures might be an understatement, not to mention their house is falling apart and they lack the most important thing in life that we all desire - love. Although they appear to have no source of love surrounding them, their comfort may be found in the four-legged, fury visitors underneath their leaking pipes. The entire story centers around three main characters: Uncle trash and the two brothers. Although the boys’ mother and father are mentioned briefly in the beginning, the mother comes off as unstable and out of her right mind, causing her to run away and the father going after her, both leaving the kids behind not taking into consideration that they are too young for the responsibility of independence, much less their living conditions are barely enough to support a decent quality of life. Despite Uncle Trash being given the responsibility to look after the boys, he’s not necessarily one to care for much of what goes on outside of a bar, especially the boys well being since upon his arrival his first
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