Streaming Medi An Emergent Technological

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Streaming media is an emergent technological practice that is altering everyday uses of media, media industry practices, and transnational cultural geography. Streaming, concomitantly, is an audience tactic and a strategic logic of the industry. Streaming as a technological process is nominally defined as multimedia continually delivered to a user.


In 2005 YouTube was started, it was a video sharing site that enabled users to upload, and share new videos. The popularity of South Park and other shows became the most popular content on YouTube. Most users didn’t have digital cameras yet to film themselves. February of 2006 Motorola launched the Razor MS500 the first phone with a video camera, as we now today this trend
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As Netflix offers the hole season all at once vs. waiting a week to see the show on conventional channels.

Amazon Prime

Launched in 2005, Amazon was trying to get customers to spend more money. $79 a year, ($99 a year now), ($49 a year for student prime, with .edu email) people would get free two day shipping on many items. Starting in 2011 Prime members were introduced to prime videos, which was an unlimited movie and TV streaming service, and the kindle service a digital book service. Members would get a free month of prime service with a fire tablet purchase. Their prime member users are around 3-10 million. As Amazon looks to the future, it is obvious they will continue to invest faster shipping, add selection -- the physical and the digital. You can collect prime points for not selecting the two-day shipping, these points can be used to buy movies or TV shows that are not offered with prime.


Sony purchased an online video site Called Grouper, and then changed the name to crackle; this is a free streaming service, which offers original programming, along with shows and movies. To ensure as a free service there are advertisements throughout the programming. These advertisements are only about 1 minute, vs. 5 minutes of the normal commercials at a time. Crackle is not as popular as the other services, as do lack the quality programming the other services have.

Sling TV, Playstation Vue

Launched 2015 Sling TV was

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