Streaming Media and Netflix

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| 2012 | | Netflix Inc. Case Study | [Neflix case] | This study will assess strengths and weaknesses of Netflix Inc., and illustrate their position in the current marketplace for their given industry. Issues will be addressed, and recommendations will be made for the company to continue to succeed and grow in this industry. | Table of Contents Table of Contents History Mission Vision SWOT/TOWS Strategic Type Generic Strategy Competencies Value Chain Financial Analysis Goals- Strategic/Financial Hierarchy of Strategy Porters Forces Strategic Grouping News/Issues Recommendations…show more content…
They are grouped into two broader categories. The first is internal forces, this can be controlled by the company, and this contains strengths and weakness. Strengths being areas the company is currently doing well in, and weaknesses areas that the company needs to improve in. The second group is the external forces, these cannot be controlled by the company they are controlled by outside forces and affect the company. These include opportunities, which are areas that the company could advance with and threats, which are areas that are seen as dangers and could potentially hurt the company. Netflix’s SWOT/TOWS matrix is displayed on the next page: Internal Forces External Forces | Strengths (S)(S1) – User Convenience/ Experience (S2) – Fastest Delivery Time of any Online DVD Rental Company (S3) – Competitive Prices and Low Fixed Costs | Weaknesses (W)(W1) – Can’t Control Shipping Expense(W2) – Watch Instantly Feature only Allows a Small Section of DVDs(W3) – Older Demographic Not Involved | Opportunities (O)(O1) – Pricing Segmentation (O2) – International Market(O3) – Other Types of Rentals (Video Games, Educations Shows) | SO Strategies: (O2,S1,S2,S3) – Using Strengths to expand into the international market(O3,S1, S2) – Using established reputation to introduce other types of rental to the market | WO Strategies: (W3, O3) – develop other types of rentals
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