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Street art and graffiti has grown increasingly popular worldwide in the last few decades. This is because street artists are given the opportunity to showcase their ideas and opinions freely, and do not allow themselves to be limited by regulations of the law or public opinion. Street artists can express the unpopular opinion without worry that they will be punished for it, as these artists often work anonymously. According to Michael DeNotto from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota, street art allows the artist to “reject established standards, encourage experimentation, and draw from popular culture and advertising” (Street Art and Graffiti, 1). They are given the canvas of public property such as sidewalks and building walls to create art pieces that can be viewed by potentially anyone. However, the fact that the audience for street art is so vast can also lead to disagreements about the content or location of the art, and difference in opinion between the artist and the viewers.
Street art can be used as a method of openly expressing opinions on controversial matters, such as war, laws, public figures, social issues, and more. In Street Art San Francisco by Annice Jacoby, there are several art pieces depicting anguish and disapproval. There is a mural of a person crying over loved ones who have past away, with the words, “Those We Love, We Remember.” There is another painted across a fence, depicting the lives affected by the AIDS epidemic in Africa. Across the bottom,…

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