Street Art As A Male Dominant Form Of Art

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It is most common for street art to be considered a male-dominant form of art. Many don 't recognize street art for what it is, and some consider it as pure vandalism. This is because street art is usually done in public areas on buildings, poles, fences, and bridges. Since street art is a very controversial form, the feminist artist Mirah Shihadeh, is able utilize it to spread her impactful images of women, and many significant messages of feminist empowerment. With her work, Mirah is drawing attention to street harassment and treatment of women in Cairo, Egypt. This feminist brand of street art recognizes that everyone shares the urban space; it is a public area, and everyone should feel safe to walk about comfortably.
The actual name of “Mirah Shihadeh” is unknown, but appears on various controversial artworks. Mirah confidently proves that street art isn 't just a man 's game. She has captured international attention with her famous street harassment murals. Through the use of paint as a tool to create a political platform, rooting itself in the belief of equality for women and respect of their rights. Mirah may be a profound artist, nevertheless she is also a woman, who openly broadcasts a repressive reality for women in Egypt.
Depicting often curvy, but covered women, Mirah challenges an Arab public to accept the expression of femininity in society.
The artwork of Mirah Shihadeh is highly appreciated in Cairo, Egypt. Cairo is the capital of Egypt, along with being…

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