Street Art Installments By An Anonymous Artist

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Both of these works are street art installments by an anonymous artist in LA who is known as Skid Robot. This artist travels around LA to different homeless areas and spray paints imaginary homes for the homeless to bring awareness to the growing poverty level in LA and the rest of the country. I have been fortunate enough to see one of these installments while driving in Los Angeles and it makes you stop and think about the current poverty situation in our world.


History has been marked by different periods, each focusing on a different way of thinking. To better understand history, we look to art and how it has developed. History does not disappear; rather it changes and evolves as time goes on. Peasants became a recurring subject in art during the nineteenth century, especially when it came to artists Jean-François Millet. Robert L. Herbert believed that “the peasant was among the most important subjects for the embodiment of artists attitudes toward the urban-industrial revolution.” For the purpose of this essay, let’s look at a broader interpretation of this statement. Peasants during the 1800’s were used in paintings to show conditions and evoke change in society. This tactic has not changed much. Today, artists use certain subjects to get a reaction of the viewer and hopefully highlight an important issue in the world. The art I have chosen to analyze for the purpose of this paper
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