Street Art Vs. Art

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What is Street Art? The definition of street art and graffiti is almost impossible to pin down.Generally it is a free public art that is inspired by the urban environment and includes a lot of extraordinary styles such as graffiti, sticker, video projection, street posters , art intervention and many others. Originally the spray can was essential to graffiti and other pieces of work. They were usually created on walls. However, more recently, street art has come to surround a range of materials aside from only spray can. These include acrylic, stickers, paste-ups, and even ceramics.Being seen in many different locations, everyone is exposed to it.Street art brings forward a different perspective on our society. Due to this large…show more content…
There is anger and frustration in the posture of the man, bombing the establishment with flowers. The flowers themselves, done in color, show a hope for peaceful resolution of our conflicts.This London piece of a protester throwing a bouquet of flowers may be Banksy’s most famous piece thus far. The remarkable idea behind this piece is the use of unexpected weapons. The protester fights not with a grenade or other harmful devices, but with an innocent bouquet of flowers. This suggests we may be able to get more done by negotiating kindly, not violently.However some people don 't see these paintings with the meaning and message behind it. Some people may argue about street art and it 's damage to property, gang activity, and costs to the city in graffiti removal. They believe that is is defensive and speak ill of clean cities, regardless of how “artistic” the display was.Having these paintings displayed on the side of building and walls in cities, people feel that is gives out a bad impression of their city. Because in their eyes is it vandalism. They come to consider it to be synonymous with vandalism or even property destructions.For the fact that it is not displayed in a art museum, but in public property, people argue that it is not art, but plain vandalism. It is seen as disrespectful and wrong to paint on the side of buildings. However if the same exact painting were to be placed inside of an art museum, then there would
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