Street Artist Banksy And Southern Illinois University

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Northeastern Illinois University
Mustafa Khan
Moritz S Kellerman
Art 101 – L18
June 18th 2015

Banksy is one of the famous English graffiti artist, film director, painter and political activist through the use of painting. He has produced different satirical street art combined with subversive epigrams and dark humor of graffiti. These have been executed in the distinctive stenciling method. Therefore, the paper analyzes how Banksy has changed the people’s view of graffiti as being vandalism to a form of controversial political issues using street art. The name Banksy has ignited controversy and piqued curiosity. He is undoubtedly one of the famous and most controversial street artists who has emerged on the global stage. The fact that the identity Banksy remains unknown after more than twenty years on the graffiti scene improves the intrigue that surrounds most of his work. There are various artworks of Banksy that have appeared in, Canada, England, America, Australia, France, Palestine and Israel and Jamaica. His pictorial, as well as, satirical messages are seen across the boundaries of art, philosophy, politics, narcissism, sociology and humor. Most of Banksy’s works are based on political and social commentary and have been featured on different streets, bridges and walls of cities in various countries throughout the world. In tracing his work history, Banksy 's work has grown out of the Bristol underground scene. These involved the
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