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The world is being swept up in a new artistic frenzy that brings color and culture to the streets of cities. It goes by many names, such as guerilla art, urban art, or neo-graffiti, but it is ultimately known as street art. Street art is now becoming a very prominent way for artists to show their opinions of the world and politics, and also gives the artist a public place to show their talent. It may not be a very old form of art, but art of its kind is beginning to be recognized around the world. There is a very large debate about whether certain kinds of street art may be considered vandalism and graffiti, or artistic and decorative. Regardless, street art is the voice of a generation that depicts many of the different life styles of the…show more content…
During the graffiti boom in the 1960’s and 1970’s, New York became a central hub for urban art. Many teenagers used this form of art to express their emotions about their society. The movement then peaked in the 1980’s when the quickly painted tags soon became thought out projects. Instead of free-handing the project, people began to use stencils to create sharper and cleaner looking pictures. These were critical turning points where the art soon became a battle for a meaning and started a movement. At the time, the art was extremely controversial. Most of the pieces that were created were considered illegal and vandalism. The creation of street art simply came from the destruction of property. Consequently, because street art was considered a new art and vandalism, artists struggled to show their work to the world. Without social media to broadcast their work throughout the internet, their work stayed on the walls where they were made because no one wanted to document it. Thankfully, there were a select few photographers that decided that they would devote their career to documenting the progression and art of street artist. One photographer that has been photographing street art and culture for over 40 years, is Martha Cooper. Her work aided in bringing fame to the street art culture and eventually brought her fame. With her photography, street art began to make an impression on the art world because the photographer

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