Street Crime And White Collar Crimes

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As society grow more and more the economic crimes goes up as well. Either it’s the street crimes or the white-collar crimes/corporate crimes but which of is a wide spread crime. Street crime and white-collar crimes affect the people negatively. You would be hurting yourself and others. Even though, street crimes are more violent then the white-collar. White collar effect you devastating you finacially and emotionally. Street crimes are more generally physical effect. White-collar crimes have financial issue and street crime have safety issues. Widespread danger of citizen are more in white collar crimes than street crimes.
Widespread danger to civil society both in human death and cost tax dollars is white-collar crime/corporate crime. Even thought white-collar crimes and street crime are the same punishment. Usually, the common crimes that offenses include: investment fraud, computer and internet fraud, credit card fraud, bankruptcy fraud, embezzle fraud, phone or telemarketing fraud, insurance fraud, tax evasion, healthcare fraud, money laundering, and there is so much more. The penalties for some of these crimes are fines and imprisonments. When you are committing these crimes the judge separate the victim and the defendant, “A defendant is likely to be found to have committed an aggravated white collar crime where he or she is convicted of committing two or more related felonies, against either different victims or on separate occasions against the same victim, which…
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