Strength And Success Of The Vienna Settlement

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The Vienna Settlement refers to the chain of agreement made by the European powers; Russia , Prussia ,British , Austria and France at Vienna in 1815.The Vienna Settlement aim to solve the conflicts bought by Napoleonic Wars. The Settlement was viewed as one of the most important international summits of European history as it determined the future of a better Europe. The Vienna Settlement exhibits both strength and weakness and it was a masterpiece of diplomacy.

In the 19th century , after Napoleonic wars , the concept of balance of powers was the locus of diplomacy for the European powers. The four powers believed that international peace and the balance of
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France was represented by Talleyrand. The latter introduced the Principle of legitimacy ,which was to restore the dethrone rulers. The Principle was accepted by the powers. In addition ,Talleyrand in order to reduce France punishment for dismantling Europe ,put all the blame on Napoleon. At the end of the day ,Talleyrand was successful in gaining recognition in France as great power and in reducing France punishment. Austria was represented by Prince Metternich at Vienna .Metterinch wanted to have a leading position in Europe. He favored a lenient treatment on France so as to maintain peace in Europe. Thus the Vienna Settlement removed two threats to peace; neither France nor any ruling power could rebel in…show more content…
The leaders repudiation to acknowledge that times were changing and new modern forces were to be reckoned. The leaders resistance to modern force failed to build a lasting stable Europe. The powers were against the nationalist movement because according to them national unity required a reform of the traditional monarchies states. The leaders were against modernization as they wanted to preserve the monarch system. The Vienna Settlement was solely the work of Ministers and the Princes. The public had no say in it. The fact that the Settlement was favorable to maintain the political status quo favoring conservatism and opposing liberalism and

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