Strength In Football

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As presented by (Bompa,1999), Football is a very complicated sport in which there are many components of fitness that are important. (Garcia-Pinillos, 2015) specified The elemental movement patterns in football require a rapid force development and high power output. It is essential for a footballer to have good agility in order to avoid tackles and change direction quickly in order to defend effectively and stop their opponents from getting past. For similar reasons, Speed is also important for a footballer to possess as it can allow them to beat their opponents to the ball across a short distance. Another important component is power, as shown by (Garcia-Pinillos 2015). Without power, a footballer wouldn’t be able to compete for the ball…show more content…
This is known as constant hypertrophy. This is where either the size or number of muscle filaments increase. This is may be due to the "ATP deficiency theory": ATP stores are drained and the protein content in the working muscles is extremely low. As the athlete recovers between sessions, the body renews the protein in the muscles. During this procedure, the protein content in the muscle surpasses the initial level, bringing about an expansion in muscle fibre size. This is the desired effect of strength training because it has a direct impact on an athlete’s performance. Another physiological adaptation that occurs through training is inter-muscular coordination, this means that there is less of a contraction from the antagonists during these trained movements; making the movement more effective. Additionally, as mentioned by (Fisher, 2011), resistance training can reduce an athlete’s chances of getting injured by strengthening joints, muscles, bones and tendons. As well as this, a neuromuscular response occurs through heavy weight training. This can result in a stronger and more powerful contraction because of the ability to recruit more motor units to take part in the contraction of the muscle. During training, to start with the plan was to also improve the strength of tendons, causing them to grow in diameter and improving their ability to withstand…show more content…
This will be beneficial to my client because as indicated by (Bangsbo, 2015), high intensity training leads to a higher VO2max. This will help allow my client to perform to his full potential throughout the whole match and will directly influence one of his targets as covering more distance will become easier. Although (Buchheit, 2013) said that short dashes are very specific to football, I chose to add an extra distance for my client to run. The final distance makes the session just a little harder than the worst possible situation in a match. As a result, he will find it easier to deal with those situations because he’ll already be used to working at that intensity for longer than he has
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