Strength-Personal Narrative

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I am strong, I am brave. I haven’t learned anything about myself that is valuable enough to write. What I have learned is that I am capable of achieving greatness through believing in the law of attraction. The idea that positive thoughts create positive life experiences and vice versa when talking about negative thoughts. Using this, I have done so much. Like venturing off my choice of education as an example. I am currently in an adequate position in life thanks to the law of attraction. Memories can serve as a tool to motivate you or as a weapon to prevent you from doing what your heart tell you to.Those bad memories, those fears are usually there to block ourselves from thinking that we can succeed. Feeling are great, we ourselves can determine how we feel about something. Not always, we are human.…show more content…
Sanchez Nino. She has a heart breaking story. I don’t know any man or women who could ever go through something like she did. She prevailed and worked hard. She has told me her life story many, many, many times. I will never be able to tell it the way she does. I always ask her to tell me her story, in spanish. I feel like it adds a different feel this way. An every time she tells me it, I cry. Every time I listen, I hear new details and I don’t think I could ever do something like what she did. No words could ever give justice to what I am trying to say to show. I would like to thank the person who told me that she wouldn't eat unless I ate during my pre and full anorexic times. The person who fell asleep with me as a child to help aid my irrational fear of the dark. To the person who would tell me that she’s going to work to buy me toys, since I wouldn’t let go of her in the morning when I was younger. To the person who makes sure that I am okay and have everything I need and want. To the person who I knew loved me no matter what, even though I didn't acknowledge she was always there for me. Mom, love
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