Strengthening Wales Institutional Capabilities

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Wales has focused on the need to strengthen its institutional capabilities to interact with other government layers (including the European Union) with less levels of dependence. According to Rhodes (Entwistle, 2012), the delineation of powers between UK local and central government is described as a game-like negotiations in a complex system of networks in which central government is as much dependent on local government as powerful over it (Entwistle, 2012, p.6). This means that the Welsh government is more likely to cooperate and negotiate with the central government for improving the delivery of services; while the legislative branch is able to make its own laws within the country.
In the UK fragmentation and centralization coexist as the means to deliver public services into a wide range of bodies and partnerships. With the Labour Party in power, ministers have celebrated the potential of networks, partnerships, and market-type relationships as mechanisms of coordination as opposed to the Old Labour mechanisms of big bureaucracy and centralized rules (Laffin, 2009, p.6). The intergovernmental relations within England are focused on creating a competitive model by allowing public services to compete with each other for users; in contrast, the Welsh model has been centered on the importance of collaboration between service providers because it will force public bodies to work jointly and improve the public sector as a whole (National Assembly for Wales, 2013).
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