Strengthes and Weaknesses of JetBlue Airways Corporation

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JetBlue Airways Corporation is an American low-cost regional airline company headquartered in Long Island City, New York. JetBlue Airways Corporation is a public company that is traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker JBLU. According to Yahoo Finance, JetBlue operates in the Services Sector and Regional Airlines Industry. JetBlue’s main base is at John F. Kennedy International Airport, in Queens, New York. As of October 2013, JetBlue serves 84 destinations in 24 U.S. states and 12 countries throughout the Caribbean, South America and Latin America. As of December 31, 2012, JetBlue had approximately 12,124 employees.

Jetblue was originally founded in 1998 on the principle of offering a low-cost travel experience
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JetBlue is able to accomplish this low cost structure through its point-to-point model that allows them to fly in and out of second tier airports that are cheaper to rent space at. JetBlue has also historically used only two types of aircrafts, making it easier and cheaper to fix airplanes when they are broken and allows less training for its staff on using the different aircrafts. Another strength of JetBlue is its reputation for good employee relations. With a positive corporate culture, JetBlue has been able to maintain very low turnover in its employees, thus reducing expenses for retraining employees. For years, JetBlue has been able to maintain stable finances, and a strong balance sheet. For more information on the financial standing of JetBlue, see appendix -0-. Lastly, one of the most recognized strengths JetBlue has is its customer Bill of Rights. As stated in JetBlue’s mission statement, JetBlue is trying to bring humanity back to air travel through a customer-oriented approach. After a huge event left the airline canceling and delaying many of its flights, JetBlue set out to create a program that provides financial reciprocation if a customer’s flight is cancelled or delayed for an extended period. To this day, customers have been able to view the guidelines easily on the company website and enjoy the extra protection they receive through the Customer Bill of Rights.

Although JetBlue has positioned them as a
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